0 thoughts on “Whereabouts September 27”

  1. Why is there a p;lastic owl on top of Cousin Pete’s boat? Do the gulls leave piles of p;astic poop purchased at the local gag shop in retaliation?
    Today. I stowed my boat till next Squid season. HOw was the tournamant Dave?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
    I”ve missed your posts, guy.

  2. Yesterday after an exciting sail in a stiff westerly I got a lift from the Chick Magnet to the town dock by a serious gentleman in foul weather gear with so many coolers on board there was barely room for me. He was hunting Manhaden, I asked him how much he got a pound and he tells me a dollar a piece from the folks in the Derby. We both smiled.

  3. I’d pass on Beach Plum and opt for take out from Larsen’s instead. Grab a cupla’ 2 pounders and mussels (BYO corn on the cob). Walk to the beach and dine in the view of the sunset.

    My favorite ‘restaurant’ on the island…

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