What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Cousin Pete is adamant I not go into detail so he can rent the cottage next year, so I won’t get into gory details other than to make the following observations:

1. Distance traveled has no correlation on the quality of the experience. I went less than forty miles for this break, driving from Cotuit to Woods Hole, crossing Vineyard Sound on the Steamship Authority, boat in tow, then down North Road to Menemsha. Total travel time: three hours. I might as well have travelled to Hawaii.

The boat aboard the MV Nantucket, first on-first off

2. I rented the perfect cottage. 100% perfect from the paint-by-number Winslow Homer over the beach stone fireplace, to the circa 1930 novels in the bookshelves.

3. There is no luxury greater than vacationing off-season. Kids in college, one away on a  school camping trip … suddenly Indian Summer takes on a whole new meaning.

4. Fishing is never about the catching, but the day spent standing in quiet water looking at nice things with people you want to hang out with.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Welcome back blogging David. I loved th pix of the cottage, and you, shoeless witgh Fish. Dave, you’re a pretty good photographer. Was there really a paint by numbers Winslow above the fireplace?



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