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From Your Councilor Precinct 7 Richard Barry – Cotuit – The Barnstable Patriot – Cape Cod & Islands

“In an attempt to help resolve water quality issues, there is a movement afoot to remove 425 feet of sand from the point of Sampson’s Island. The dredged material would be used to create a wider beach at the new point. This would benefit bathers, the beloved piping plover and water quality. Permitting alone is estimated to be in the ballpark of $250,000. This is in the early stages and I’ll keep you informed.”

Wow. I’m ambivalent about this news. On the one hand, bigger entrance to bay means better flushing. On the other — this is a big environmental impact, one needed because of other human actions (building the Osterville Cut, etc.”

Free word of mouth marketing idea for Concept2

I have sold dozens of Concept 2 ergometers over the past 15 years. Best rowing machine in the world, will deliver more exercise bang for the buck than any other piece of gym equipment, and actually have a competitive sport associated with it: indoor rowing.

The problem is when I’m on the road I need to find one of the machines. Luckily Concept2 has a database of ergs that helps me identify hotels and gyms that have one. The problem is when I get there I usually find a machine that is unmaintained, beaten to death, the electronic monitor is dead, etc.. The biggest problem, especially with health clubs, is that they never upgrade the machines, and at $900, it is definitely not the most expensive piece of iron on the premises.

So here’s my suggestion — give users like me stickers to apply to the erg — with a suggestion that the erg needs a makeover, and include Concept 2’s 800 number. I hate the ergs I run across (Gold’s Gym is a veritable erg museum) and wish I could do something other than tell an uncomprehending employee at the front desk that they need to upgrade from a Model B to a Model D.

Anything to activate one’s promoters — e.g. people like me, people who hangout at — is probably the biggest bang for the buck a marketer can deploy.

Give me a roll of stickers and I will be sure to stick them in my gym bag.

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