Who Invited the Dog?

Who Invited the Dog? – New York Times
Among the ranks of dreaded house guests — essentially anyone with a food-phobic four year-old who will only eat “white” food (spaghetti with butter, rice, pizza with no sauce) — is the visitor-with-dog (which applies to no reader of this blog who has been to Morningwood ((ancestral Churbuck manse)) .

Anyway, in the tradition of killer quotes, here is why I miss being a newspaper reporter:

“And the term “family member” should not be used lightly. Ari Henry Barnes, who works in a New York law firm, is so devoted to his cat, Romeo, that he wipes the animal’s behind every time he does “a stinky boom boom.”

A good man gone — Marc Orchant 1957-2007

Marc Orchant passed away last week following a heart attack. He was 50.

We collaborated on Foldera in 2006 and have been swapping mails ever since. I never met him in person, but found his thinking and his writing to be superb. He was great at ZDNET, and most recently at Blognation. I’ll miss him and wish his wife and children the best during this difficult time.

Former colleague Oliver Starr wrote a memorial here.

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