The scandal of the apostrophe

Rory Sutherland from Ogilvy London put it best, in all of the Spitzer scandal, there was some element of the population, myself included, who were first struck and outraged by the lack of an apostrophe in the word “Emperors Club.”

Shocking. All the copyeditors and proofreaders of the world were aghast.

Apparently the New York Times feels the same way, for as of this morning they are referring to the high-priced escort service as the “Emperor’s Club.”

One could argue it was a club for Emperors (of whom there are few), or, as many of us word geeks inferred, it was the club belonging to the Emperor, and therefore needed an apostrophe to designate its possessive condition.

As for Client 9, I think of Patrick McGoohan — “Number Six” — running for his life in The Prisoner, chased by the evil beach ball.

“I am not a number — I am a free man!”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. One might argue that for $5000/hour you should be able to put the apostrophe wherever you want. (ORM warning, this comment may come back to haunt me, but I couldn’t resist)

  2. I guess I just keep wondering what Clients 1-8 and Clients 10-XX think of all this.

  3. $5000 / hr. = $10 mil per year. Geez, our CEO doesn’t even make that much.

    I’m just looking for the day when they raise the minimum wage and I can get above $5.15 / hour myself.

  4. do you wanna bet money that there’s a lot of high fiving going on at MSFT about the resignation and fate of the good Gov?

    Jim Forbes

  5. J. Swift would be proud but I’m firmly in the NO APOSTROPHE club. There are plenty of emperors and these fine women should not belong to just one.

    If there is a lesson to all this it is this:

    Don’t screw with the banks. Credit crises, liquidity crunch, sub-prime blah blah. Revenge is sweet. Worse than getting on the TSA no-fly list is getting tagged by the banks for suspicious transactions. A colonoscopy isn’t pretty for anyone.

    Bring on Governor Bloomberg!

  6. I think they oughta call it the Governor’s Club (apostrophe optional). First the governor of Connecticut was run out on a rail because of graft. Two years later we had the NJ “I am a homosexual American” ouster. Now the NY governor for cross-border procurement. What the hell is going on in the tri state area??!! They sure are firing on all the major sins ….

  7. Thank heaven for March madness. Our college hoopster’s are usually my distraction this time of year. The high flying dunk’s, the buzzer beater’s, the upset’s baby and yes Cinderella is always fitted for the dance and maybe a shot at the Final Four in San Antonio this time of year.

    Now with all of this governor stuff I am having a most difficult time staying distracted. Let us hoop fantatic’s have their distraction w out all of these other distraction’s!

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