“Arch” — what two film students with two FlipCams can do

A few weekends ago my son and his NYU buddy came to the Cape for some R&R and Guitar Hero. Beset with cabin fever they went looking for the household digital video camera, a tape-based Sony, but I suggested they use a FlipCam — the $150 device that has a USB jack and is drop dead simple. They scoffed, but four hours later, using Microsoft Movie Maker — they came up with this.

Any thing that scores Eno’s Music for Airports is okay in my book. No seagulls were harmed in the making — that’s actually a pretty recent kill — there’s lots of dead seabirds in the highwater line in February, probably the toughest month of the year to be a seagull. That, and characters talking in hillbilly accents shooting arrows and riding in a 5-series BMW …..

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Happened to take a peek at this before heading out the door for a bike ride. I can’t claim to understand it, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Agree with you completely on a good choice of musical score.

    I’m not sure if I alread mentioned this before or not, but here’s one of my favorite Youtube shorts of all time. Parker Ransom’s son or daughter or something in-law was part of the making of this and he shared it with me. The musical score is also perfect for the film and shows up about 4 mins in.

    I can watch this one over and over, but there are some like my wife who just don’t get my fascination with it. I think it’s brilliant.

    One other thing, and this is no reflection whatsoever on your son, considering how they’re held, these Flipcam’s are prone to show shake. They REALLY need image stabilization, which in my mind is a killer feature.

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