Safari sort of magically appears …

I hate browsers. FireFox is just fine for me, but lo, somehow iTunes snuck a copy of Apple’s Safari browser onto my desktop and so …. looks actually better in Safari — but alas, in the write mode in WordPress none of the Wysiwig editing functions appear. Which means I need to save this in draft, kill Safari, open FireFox and get to a functional window so I can post this screen grab:

So now I know what Mac people see all the time. Clear. Sorta slick. But I’ll stick with me FireFox — on both XP and Ubuntu. Life is too short for too many browsers.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Safari doesn’t work with the middle scroll button on Thinkpads. I hope Lenovo will contact Apple to fix it.

  2. That “slikness” is nothing else than font-antialiasing…

    I hate Safari. I Hate iTunes, and I hate Apple sneaking things into my PC. Too much like AOL or RealMedia (some time ago). “Hell is all other browsers” (but firefox)



  3. It’s much maligned, but my default is good ol’ IE7. Yes, I have an alternate browser (Opera), but really, for most purposes, why bother?

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