Demonym for Cotuit?

Today’s word is “demonym” – which is the word you use to describe the inhabitant of a country or city. Hence, a citizen of Croatia is a Croat, a person who lives in Boston is a Bostonian, Thais from Thailand. There is actually a semi-formula for working out a demonym, but note that there is some confusion on how to develop an demonym for a New World term, for example a native place name such as “Cotuit” – evidently a Wampanoag word meaning “wide meadow” which in Latin would be, of course Agros Latos, which might make residents of the village “Agroslatinos” if Caesar Augustus had managed to cross the Atlantic in that submarine he was building before the Ides of March.

That not being the case, I defer to the Sage, John Peck, he of Peck’s Boats – who has bestowed us with the demonym, “Cotusion.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. I think the name your looking for is “Townie”. Easily identified by a goofy hat, a boat that smells fishy even in January and a very low number on their clamming license.

  2. Correct word is “native”. All who have moved to the Cape in last 200 years are “wash-a-shores”. Don’t live there now, but my family goes back to 1630’s in Barnstable. Welcome to our little community where you can pay big taxes to support the natives.

  3. Tell that to a Wampanoag. 1630 is yesterday to them. Natives waved at Gosnold. Washashores bought cottages in Yarmouth when they retired from the post office.

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