A VC: We Need A New Path To Liquidity

A VC: We Need A New Path To Liquidity
Fred Wilson comments on the dance of the elephants around Yahoo and bemoans it:

“The Internet is decomposing into a vast array of micro-services that we, the end user, stitches together to make our own unique web experience. It is the de-portalization of the Internet and it is very real. And yet, these large behemoths are trying to do their normal consolidation play on the Internet. First of all, it’s not going to work. They are destroying value with all of their M&A efforts and the bigger they get, the more value they will destroy, for them and their shareholders.”

This confirms a statement I made in a presentation yesterday that the web is exploding into a set of micro-apps and out of the browser (but often staying in the browser), that I have to stitch together. The degree of choice and customization (and complexity) confronting a user has never been higher, and yet …

Fred notes del.icio.us is falling off since being acquired by Yahoo, same story with Feedburner at Google.

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