Whereabouts: week of April 14

Cape Cod for the week. NYC the following.

Very heads down on Olympics project and various media plans for the spring quarter. Looks like I have an extended stint ahead in Beijing for August — that will be cool — and the realtor on Martha’s Vineyard sent pictures of a cottage overlooking Menemsha Harbor, so already I am thinking about vacation standing in my boat, anchored off the Menemsha jetty, flyrod in my hand, heart beating about 190 as a school of ferocious false albacore come cruising at me along Lobsterville Beach …..

Tilled in the flowerbed this weekend (in between rain showers), turning in 400 pounds of cow poo, peat moss and lime pellets. Too windy to scull. Too busy to clam. Three days of Red Sox. Next weekend ….

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Excellent soil amendments Dave. Hell throw in some pot ash and ad some potato chunks with eyes annd you could have a great spud bed.
    I’m anxious to follow your blog aggregation adventure. I like front page makeups a lot.

    Happy gardening
    Jim Forbes

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