Gates-Seinfeld: New Microsoft Ads

Not doing it for me. But what do I know.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Gates-Seinfeld: New Microsoft Ads”

  1. Nice to see they’re staying on message.

    Let’s face it, the ads should be simple. PC guy in a suit getting work done, while Mac guy is in a closet smoking a spleef. PC Guy looks at him as he comes out coughing and talking about “time machine” or something else and calls it “kid’s stuff.”

  2. Bill Gates doing standup while Jerry does some coding…

    That might well have been a better plotline for the commercial…

    Having big names and a big budget doesn’t = greatness.

  3. I think Jerry Seinfeld is a mafioso kingpin. You can tell who approaches whom,.. Why isnt ad selling weekends for two at the Caesar Palace??, because Jerry wants free goods in exchange for his two-cents. Not only that, u get too close to these people (Seinfeld & Co) and they will explain to u who your enemies are.

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