Someone needs to write an open letter to Ballmer …

So the Seinfeld-Gates comedy duo has been disbanded and the weirdest tech ad campaign in years has been unplugged.

Crispin-Porter limps away with two black eyes. Microsoft takes a kick to its reputational crotch. Mac fans chortle with glee.

Be it far from me to tell MSFT what to do, but I think I will work on a post to tell them what to do.

PS: I use and I like Vista.

“A blog or two speculated tonight that Microsoft would announce the end of those ads tomorrow. I’ve just spoken to a Microsoft source who confirms the ads will cease, that Microsoft is canceling them after only a few weeks and will be making that announcement tomorrow.


Seinfeld Gets the Boot in Microsoft Ads – Tech Check with Jim Goldman –

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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