Whereabouts week of Dec. 7

Monday – Dec. 8 through the end of the year …. Cotuit. No travel for me until CES (Still need to get approved for Vegas, but sounds like I’ll need to be there) in early January. This is homefire time — stay close to home, lots of Lenovo conference calls and projects, a few social roadtrips off the Cape to see friends, Xmas parties, but no airplanes for the next three weeks. And as Martha Stewart says, “That’s a good thing.”

I planted close to 400 spring bulbs today, in the rain, in the sleet, in the snow, in the mud. Every year I hold off on buying the tulips, etc. until it is so late the nurseries and garden shops are ready to toss them in the dumpster. Then I swoop in, getting them for half-price or better. And bury them in trenches around the flower beds and rose gardens. No delicate one-bulb-at-a-time crap. No sir. Dig a hole six inches deep, empty contents in wheelbarrow, up end a bag of fifty bulbs into the hole, stand everything pointy side up, dump the wheelbarrow on top, smooth it over and think thoughts of tucking little bombs of joy away for four months. It too is a good thing when Farch (F$%king March) ends and the cruelest month of all, April starts to tease.

Have to say I was in an awful grey funk all day today. Almost a physical depression that kept me off the erg and that tried to drive me to the couch for a few hours of fetal position therapy. I rallied and took the dogs for a beach walk in the snow, bundled up in my waxed Filson’s parka, fingerless gloves, the whole nine yards of inclement weather get up. Came home and wished there was something cooking, but there was not, so I camped with my Kindle, worked through some more Shadow Country and felt further blue that I can’t write novels as remarkable at Matthiessen.

Oh well. Enough self-pity.Monday is a coming and this is actually a week of productivity I look forward to.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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