Ice Drinking

So a horde of ATV driving, fruit brandy chugging ice fishermen mess up and find themselves winning a Darwin Award on a drifting ice floe in one of the Great Lakes. Good times. Taxpayers and authorities breaking out the torches and pitchforks to lynch the hard-water anglers. Me, I totally empathize with the fishermen, these are desperate times for the outdoorsmen of America, cabin bound and ready to commit mayhem in this dead month when there’s no sports on the tube, nothing to hope for but sitting around in plywood shacks in dirty long underwater, staring at holes in the ice while doing their utmost best to damage their livers.

Me, I started the weekend with great hopes and a 2009 Massachusetts Fishing License, but alas, I didn’t stir my bones and drag the ice drill and gas grill out to my own private ice floe. Instead I got all serious about flying to Seattle today.

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