Esteban Panzeri – Ten Ways to Be a Titan

There’s an award inside of Lenovo known as the Prometheus Award which is bestowed by the global marketing teams on one of their own — any one from headquarters, geographies or countries — who goes above and beyond, exemplifies the personality of the Lenovo brand, and in general achieves super-hero status as a global colleague and marketer. This isn’t an award made from the top down — but a true recognition by one’s peers. I had nothing to do with this, but I was delighted to be asked this morning  to present the award (I made no remarks about Prometheus’ ultimate fate, which involved the daily removal of his liver by an eagle in retribution by the Gods for giving fire to man) to Esteban Agustin Panzeri via teleconference in an all-hands meeting. I figured I’d publicly call him out because he’s a retiring sort of person and needs to blush more:

  1. Esteban is a blogger. And a good one at that.
  2. He built and administers Lenovo’s corporate blogging platform
  3. He built our Olympic athlete blogging program:
  4. He was our primary person working with Google to build our Olympic sponsorship portal on top of iGoogle
  5. He knows web metrics like few others
  6. He runs our main Twitter account — @lenovosocial
  7. He is our primary Web 2.0/Cloud strategist
  8. He is recognized as a major authority on social media marketing and cloud strategy in South America
  9. He cares about his work and get things done like few other people I have met in my career. Not since John Moschetto at in 1995, or Mark Cahill at Reel-Time have I met a geek with such a profound, innate sense of what the right thing is in the digital world.
  10. He tells me when I am full of $hit. Which is frequently.

So, ordinarily I don’t like to get all Lenovo in this blog, but this is one time I needed to acknowledge a colleague and friend who has taught me a ton, driven some huge changes, and, well, is just a great guy to be around.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

10 thoughts on “Esteban Panzeri – Ten Ways to Be a Titan”

  1. Just Speechless. Thank you (you DID have a lot to do with this, as I told you privately) and thanks to all the Marketing folks who think I know more than I actually do.

    If you wanted to make me blush, you’ve achieved that. And that is no easy task!

  2. Although Esteban is the best leader i´ve ever had. He opened my mind.

    And i´m totally agree with you about the “innate sense of what the right thing”.

    I´m very very happy about this 🙂

    congrats Stivie !
    felicitaciones !

  3. It’s almost impossible add more to this post, but this: only the human being behind his T60p is greater than the professional.

    Congratulations Esteban, you really deserve it.

  4. Is it a plaque or does he get some kind of cash reward?

    It’s nice to see that I’m not alone with #10 though it seems I blew making the list at #9. Oh well.

    Esteban, nice job.

  5. Thank you Esteban Agustín, to guide me and inspire me in every sense, to push me to be a better designer every day and to let me learn from you most of the things I know about the web. Few people I have met with such devotion to his work, with that passion in his voice when sharing with others all his knowledge just for nothing in return but the gratitude to have learned from you. I take my hat off to Esteban, and Thank you David for this post.

  6. Congrats, Esteban! A well-deserved award for a great guy to collaborate with!

  7. Sorry to correct, but it appears that the blogs’ themes were designed by Esteban (and they are beautiful); however, you should provide credit to WordPress for ‘building’ the platform underneath. Interestingly, none of the blogs have a ‘Powered by WordPress’ attribution on them.

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