Old-School Keyboard Makes Comeback Of Sorts : NPR

Driving home and listening to NPR I heard about this company that continues to make IBM’s classic Model M keyboard. The clickity ones that would break your foot if you dropped one.

I think I want this baby — it has a Trackpoint built in. Only short coming — no split key set.

The name of the company is Unicomp. The name of the keyboard is the Endurapro. Dan Lyons at Newsweek was asking me for an external keyboard as good as the one on his ThinkPad. That would be our UltraNav series which has an embedded trackpoint as well. I am on track to go through one new Microsoft Natural Ergonomic per year, but I may suck it up and splurge $100 for the Unicomp.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

5 thoughts on “Old-School Keyboard Makes Comeback Of Sorts : NPR”

  1. Just do what I did, buy an IBM Model M off eBay, pop off all the keys, let them soak in hot water with dish washing fluid, stick the keys back on, put the whole keyboard in the dish washer, and boom! Good as new!

  2. I love the trackpoint and wish I could get one for all my computers (work, home, etc). The time I could save not having to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse…. I’d accomplish so much more each day. Maybe I could solve world peace with all my new found time!

    Seriously, the thinkpads (I had an A22m that died a few months ago 🙁 ) with the trackpoints were the smartest design ever.

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