9 thoughts on “Schnoz”

  1. Looks like you just got out of the boxing ring. Is it as painful as it looks?

  2. oh jesus Dave. that looks pinful.
    oh were you wearing a helmet when you had the accident?
    if you weren’t do you have some lucky lottery numbers you’d like to share with me?

    At Demo dude.

  3. Sheesh I feel bad for the other guy. Hope you feel better, and got some nice drugs for that. I had to have extensive mouth surgery after I did a jump off my bike and landed without my front tire, I can sort of relate.

  4. Geez, you’re wrapped up like some sort of Tarantino clown. What’s with the “smile” bandage?

    You should put on a green shirt, suspenders, your waders, and some massive shoes. Carry around an umbrella in the sunshine and just hang out right by that Main Street intersection.

    Now, about those pupils…

  5. I looked like that when I did the original damage to my nose so I have been loathe to get it fixed. Not sure the pic is helping me get roto-rooted any time soon! But it sounds like it may be worth it.

  6. Good looking!

    God prevent me from reading this blog if you ever get surgery on some obscure part of your body.

    Recover well!

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