12 thoughts on “De-Yammering”

  1. Hmm, I actually like Yammer. But then I’m the only guy at NameMedia who actually uses it right now. Until tomorrow when they find out I baked it into the new intranet…

  2. Oh, and I find LinkedIN to be utterly useless to me. Connecting with people I didn’t want to talk to when I worked with them, so they can bother me about writing recommendations for work they never did.

  3. LinkedIn is indeed useless. Total vanity exercise. Get to “500+” and swap recommendations with all and sundry in the hope that you will get headhunted and given Gordon Gekko money. I had to put in my profile that unless you know me, don’t darken my door with spam.

    I sense a post coming on. That if time is the most precious commodity, then why I am maintaining outposts on every fricking “socnet” invented? Time to simplify. Facebook is gaining some steam for finding old college buddies (imagine how reunion.com or classmates.com feels about that?). MySpace — never went there. Pownce. Nope. Yelp. Nope. Couple useless Ning spaces …..

    All in all — I bet we see a big shakeout in socnets the way we saw “portals” croak in the 2000 dot.com bust. Anyone care to swap Lycos or MyWay stories?

  4. My company uses Present.ly (which is a microblogging tool for the enterprise). We use this tool internally between employees for communication and project management.

    Moreover, we want to expand the use to our customers – possible customer interface on project development and progress/timeline.

    Intridea, Inc. has been great to work with since they are very flexible, and can build anything we ask for (at least that is the exprience we had so far).

    Why did you not like Yammer? was it the idea of using microblogging in the enterprise or was it the tool itself?

  5. I’m right behind you but I remember thinking a year ago that Twitter was a farce. (I think you had similar feelings.) So I may give it some more time. The main problem. Nobody from Brand M is using Yammer so it has no value.

  6. There’s the rub — too many channels, too many log ins, not enough users. And why pray tell would a corporate entity permit its minions to yammer on yammer’s servers?

  7. Twitter amuses me, but so far iIve not used it for deviltry. The times of useless “me too” Social networks is hopefully over. Time for a new screen name then it’s “Cry Havoc and Let Fly the sharp-fanged snarks of Spring!”


  8. Facebook has been good to reconnect with cousins, classmates, and far flung friends. Probably for good reason though, access at work is blocked by our IT dept. Never ventured into MySpace and have limited exposure to Twitter.

    I no longer pay any mind to Plaxo, but I do check in with LinkedIn as I am looking for a decent networking site to make a career move back up to Mass. What do you recommend as a good business networking site?

  9. Give it time… it all changes Yammer is a great antidote to the firehose that Twitter is and should be…

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