Clam rake tussle leads to charges

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Nothing like a clam rake fight to start off the spring clamming season.  Here in Barnstable the KlamKops pack guns. Now I know why.  Up in Friendship, Maine…..:

“Around 1 p.m. on March 7, Shellfish Warden Neil Pollis saw two men digging clams off Cushing Road. He approached the men to issue a shellfish violation for digging without a license.

The two men became agitated and a 17-year-old male circled Pollis with a clam rake, while Jason Olsen, 24, of Friendship threatened Pollis with a clam rake. Olsen and Pollis got into a struggle and during the altercation Pollis was hit with the clam rake, according to Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy John Palmer. Pollis, who said he received some puncture wounds on the arm, was not seriously injured and was not transported to the hospital.

Pollis also had issued Olsen a violation about a week prior to the incident, he said. In addition, he had warned him on shellfish violations on other occasions.”

Tip o’ the hat to Cousin Tom in Damariscotta for the clip.

Author: David Churbuck

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3 thoughts on “Clam rake tussle leads to charges”

  1. The Clam Warden, Neil Pollis, weighs approx 350 lbs. Jason Olsen weighs 136 lbs. Does anyone really believe that Mr. Olsen was going to engage in physical combat with Mr. Pollis? That’s like an ant taking on an elephant. Does anyone actually believe the news account of this incident? Interestingly, Mr. Pollis, who is physically unfit to perform @ his job, has applied to the Town of Cushing for a permit to carry a gun & was instantly turned down. Seems the Town fathers don’t feel a clam digger needs to be shot over $20 worth of clams thereby leaving the Town open to liability in the event the victim files a lawsuit.

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