Whereabouts week of 3.16

Monday-Sunday 3.16-3.22:  Cotuit

I still look like a rabid raccoon had relations with Deputy Dawg and spawned a sniffling, red-nosed hulking man of nasal sadness who looked like he got stomped hard by a gang of old ladies and now sports two black eyes. I was toiling in the yard with a rake yesterday, deluded with thoughts of spring, my back to the sidewalk, when some cheery iPod-occluded power walker with hand weights and a perky pony tail wagging out of the back of her pink Red Sox cap yelled out a hearty “HI!” which nearly caused me to assault her with the rake.

“$%&*#!” I said neighbor-like. “You $%%#@ freaked me out!”

“Don’t wantagiveyanotherblackeye” she giggled.

I need to get on the water for some sculling this week. Two rules apply for the first row of the season -1) there must be snow somewhere on the ground and I saw a good, grey snow drift near the launching ramp yesterday – 2) it has to occur on, or near St. Pat’s which is tomorrow.

Next week: NYC for a two day expedition. China at the end of the month.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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