unleashing my inner red neck

Hertz Gold Club #1 greeted me at RDU yesterday with a big-ass red Ford F150 pickup truck with a crew cab. My testosterone levels spiked. No KIA or Hyundai nonsense for this cowboy. I climbed in, fired it up, hit the radio and yep, all the buttons were pre-tuned to WQDR – country music.

So I have been tooling around the urban sprawl of North Carolina feeling extremely red-blooded, and catching up on the latest NASCAR news (e.g. Jeff Gordon had an injection in his back, Coors Lite is the official NASCAR beer) while driving to dinners at the Angus Barn.

Back to Cape Clam tonight. Things aren’t going to be the same.

Thanks to Nathan Gilliatt for the pointer to this here video:

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

9 thoughts on “unleashing my inner red neck”

  1. I once watched a buddy drink a long chug of chaw-spit out of a diet coke bottle he had been drooling into for a couple hours. The reaction was awe inspiring.

  2. yes dave, but what kind of injection? My bookie, Mervin the Finger, is giving me 15-1 for Gordon to show at the Carquest Auto Parts 300 up at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway come sunday, and i am trying to decide whether or not to make book with him.
    You travel too much my friend. Fish, cook, drink too much and watch all the ww2 movies on TMC with a hangover come monday. you’ve earned it.

  3. See, pickups are handy, until some asshole buddy who owes you money wants to borrow you and your pickup to move out of state in the middle of the night.
    but Volkswagen Type II’s– aka busses– get the same reaction from chicks out here.
    Cheaper to insure too, and a much higher level of satisfaction from actually arriving at your final destination, tray tables and seat backs in their original , upright nand locked position.


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