Big thanks for the well-wishes

Half-a-century. Old fart. AARP. Etc.

Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes. I’ve seen it blogged before, but it is truly amazing the impact of birthdate registration has on the automation of the experience.

Highlight of the day was just now when I strolled into the Durham Gold’s Gym, swiped my barcode thing, and the clerk’s PC played “Happy Birthday”, a cartoon cake popped up next to my name, and the man, instead of saying: “Here’s your towel” said “Happy birthday.”

Reel-Time, the Internet Journal of Saltwater Flyfishing used to wish me happy birthday, but it’s dead because SOMEONE forgot to renew the domain.

LinkedIn, Plaxo, The Ladders, Facebook, random financial newsletters, and my sister all emailed me today to say Happy Birthday.

Everytime any one IM’d the sentiment to me, I replied with “f%&k you” because that’s the nice guy I am. How did I spend the day? In a windowless ballroom with our Customer Advisory Council. Highlight was failing to perform 120 pull ups and dips at the gym as the CrossFit workout of the day insisted I must.

Ah. All I want now is a Red Sox game and an empty inbox.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Happy 50th David! Hooters is on me when you get to Beijing. I’ll even get them to sing you a birthday song.

  2. Happy happy…

    RT is up for me. We’ve been wishing people happy birthday since 2000…I used to get more email on the birthday messages than anything, at least two or three thank yous a week. Now I rarely see anything.

    For the record, twas not I who let the domain lapse. However I will ensure it never happens again…ever.

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