Austin is watching

Funny how suddenly Austin, Texas has surpassed New York City and Durham, N.C. as the place sending the most traffic to this blog. The volume of traffic coming from Dell has been stepping up since last month’s proactive support post and with the launch of Dell’s blog earlier this week, as well as its stepped up activity in the blogosphere, I guess I now know why. Stay tuned for Lenovo’s blog play. Let’s just say it will be different, not built atop Telligent, and focused on a different mission. It should have gone out the door sooner, but let’s just write the delay off to my turning into Massive Headwound Harry after the Memorial Day bicycle incident.

On my way back to Cape Cod now. EVDOing from the Southwest lounge at RDU airport on my X60s, back to RTP on Monday, where the state pastime is perspiring.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. come on David. just get on with it. Instead of smacking Dell you should do something positive. and while you’re at it – don’t forget to hire RedMonk to help. Will work for hardware… 😉

  2. It’s not a zero sum game. Just interested to watch Google Analytics and my log file pick up pockets of competitive interest. We need to talk re your last two statements.

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