shot self in foot this afternoon

Tried to make my old RSS feed redirect through an .htaccess file and hosed the blog for an hour.

Will try again. Hearing from longtime readers who figured I gave up around the middle of September thanks to my brilliance in laundering the feeds through Feedburner.

Will try again later.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “shot self in foot this afternoon”

  1. if you have future problems, just remember that the minute you delete the .htaccess file or merely rename it everything should return to normal.

  2. Hey David –

    Let me know how I can help; there’s the FeedBurner plugin (here) which should allow you to avoid having to hack .htaccess, but if there’s something more involved we need to chip in on, just say the word…


  3. Thanks Rick. I’ll keep plugging away. I have the plug in — I just shoot myself in the foot everytime I open up my FTP client and start plowing through my site. Ah the joys of self-administration (I wouldn’;t have it any other way.)

    Stephen — indeed. I found the FTP plugin for Firefox wouldn’t “see” the offending .htaccess — so I fired up a real client — and there it was. I killed off the files and was back and running in no time.

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