End of the 2006 Garden

This was an amazing year for my flower garden here on the Cape. It went into the ground in April and bloomed right into November — I still have snapdragons and alysium going strong, but a frost over the weekend pretty much ended everything.

Here it is at the start. All order and tidiness.

Here it is at its peak:

And here it is as of this morning:

There’s a metaphor hiding in here somewhere.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “End of the 2006 Garden”

  1. What a wonderful garden…I always think the country style of cape houses are the best backdrop for a garden. Is it a perennial garden, or primarily annuals?

  2. That’s annuals. Perennials run in different beds — one for irises and lillies, another for peonies — but annuals are the big focus for me and the wife

  3. How ’bout I ship you out Fed Ex five or six of my surviving gophers and voles? They may like your dirt better than mine and they seem to thrive on bulbs, tubers and tender roots.
    Be a friend dude, let them have a home.
    Say “no” and they get whacked.

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