Trying out the new Word 2007

Testing the new Word’s blog capability. Very different U/I but I was happy to see a publish to blog function. It also allows the post to be categorized, either by adding a new category or by determining existing ones.

This could be the major answer to offline blogging for me. Way to go Microsoft.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. I’m curious. How is this different from Qumana? I mean, there are only so many features required to write and post a blog entry and Qumana seems to have them (I dumped Qumana a while back).

    Personally, I far prefer Performacing, the plug-in editor for Firefox. It does everything you mention, plus has support for tagging via and technorati. What else is Word offering you?

  2. Performancing is a firefox extension, therefore it requires the browser (and I project) a live connection to work. The Word function permits you to post offline, and convert any offline document to an online post.

    Download the free Office 2007 trial and see for yourself. I too tried Qumana but dropped it.

  3. I guess the document conversion part could be cool. But, you can in fact write posts using Performacing offline (I tried after disabling my connection). Meantime, I’ll check out the new Word because I am curious.

  4. performancing is now in a love embrace with the good folks at payperpost. they bought performancing’s Metrics. the deal does not include the firefox plugin. it’s a smart move by Ted.

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