Derek Slater at CSO Magazine is blogging


Derek is an excellent editor and reporter, and a former colleague at CXO Media at IDG — at CSO Magazine, the authoritative title on security management — physical and digital. He was a big driver of CSO’s online strategy.

“This is a blog that’s loosely about putting together things you don’t normally put together.

The blogger, which is me, is Derek Slater. In my professional life I’m the editor of CSO, a publication about security. The publishing industry is undergoing a great deal of change. As is the security field. Throw in my interest in fusion cooking and mixed martial arts and Web mashups, and the fact that all the good URLs using Pangaea were taken, and you’ve got Reassembler.”

PC Week Alumni Blog Ring

Those of us fortunate enough to spend the mid-80s at PC Week — the Weekly Newspaper of IBM Standard Computing (I think I am recalling the tagline more or less correctly) — are all part of an amazing shared experience in what was, at the time, the hottest publication in tech journalism. Most went on, in one way or another, to do some cool things in the tech business. Here’s an ongoing list of some of PC Week contemporaries

who are blogging.

  • Paul Gillin — former senior editor of software, went on to be the Editor-in-Chief of ComputerWorld, then to TechTarget, now working on a book on the impact of social media on corporations. He’s blogging social media and the corporate enterprise here.
  • Sam Whitmore — former editor in chief, now the leading expert on tech media trends, at Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey — SWMS
  • Rob O’Regan — former copy chief, then news editor — went on to join me at McKinsey’s Business Knowledge Services, then editor in chief of CMO Magazine at IDG’s CXO Media. Now blogging at Magnosticism.
  • Dan Lyons — business reporter, went on to write a hysterical novel, Dog Days, now at Forbes as the senior technology editor. Blogging at Floating Point and the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs as The Fake Steve Jobs
  •  Jim Forbes — senior editor in PC Week’s west coast bureau, onwards to DemoMobile, now retired in San Diego and blogging at Forbes On Tech
  • Chris Shipley — senior editor, went on to lead IDG’s Demo conference, founder of GuideWire, blogging at GuideWire Connection.
  • Gina Smith — reporter at PC Week, went on a career in television, CEO of an Oracle subsidiary, blogging at I’m Gina Smith
  • Lisa Picarille — reporter, now blogging at
  • Jeffrey S. Young — west coast editor, now editor in chief of a Sacramento-area business mag, was blogging at ZDNet, but seems to be dormant.
  • Jimmy Guterman, reporter, went on to start, an online media consultancy, founding editor Forrester Magazine, blogging now at Jewels and Binoculars.
  • John Dodge, former executive news editor, now EIC at Design News. [thanks Rob O’Regan]
  • Dan Farber, former EIC, now blogging at ZDNet’s Between the Lines
  • David Berlind, former director of the PC Week Labs, now at ZDNet blogging at Testbed

Anyone I missed? Please let me know in the comments.

Whereabouts week of 1.22.07

1.22 — Cotuit on Monday morning, flight to RTP

1.23 to 1.25 — RTP, busy week, Cape on Thursday evening

1.26 — Cotuit, working from home

1.27-28 — Cotuit

No major travel on the horizon. NYC the first week of February … maybe a few personal days mid-month to see family in Fla. … Beijing following the holidays

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