I want to build a PC

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This is one of those projects I’ve always wanted to tackle. This time I want to kill off a four year-old HP tower which serves as the house’s server and replace it with a no-frills behemoth that will carry a terrabyte of storage, and serve as the central media storage facility for the house. No dis to my employer, but I want to roll up my sleeves and build something myself. Uncle Fester — frequent commenter here — is an old hand at this type of project. I need to avail myself of his expertise.

Regardless of your technical experience, Building the Perfect PC will guide you through the entire process of building or upgrading your own computer. You’ll use the latest top-quality components, including Intel’s Core 2 Duo and AMD’s Athlon X2 CPUs. And you’ll know exactly what’s under the hood and how to fix or upgrade your PC, should that become necessary. Not only is the process fun, but the result is often less expensive and always better quality and far more satisfying than anything you could buy off the shelf.

Goodbye Treo — Hello Blackberry

After a full year of resisting a transition from my Treo 650 on Sprint, to a Cingular Blackberry, I made the switch over the weekend, getting a RIM Blackberry Pearl.

I needed to make the switch simply to get onto the corporate Notes mail system. The organization doesn’t support Notes on the Treo model — so goodbye Treo and hello Blackberry.

I’ve held onto the Treo for three years because I like the Palm interface, liked the Sprint PCS web service and POP3 email integration with my churbuck.com mail, but alas, it was becoming more and more of a pain in the neck to stay in synch with the company and roam internationally.

I had been an old AT&T GSM customer when I worked in Switzerland, but their Cape Cod coverage was sub-par so I killed them off and switched to Sprint — who has been very good to me.

I am getting comfortable with the Blackberry interface, and first impressions being important impressions, believe it to be a perfectly adequate phone, in a nicer form factor than the Treo, with some improvements such as much better Bluetooth support for my headset.

After I get the email integrated I’ll really be able to form an opinion.

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