Move over bus plunges — Shark Attacks win Shark attack survivor describes being almost swallowed alive

A family member who will go unnamed is a municipal bond trader — the classic trader type-A type who sits at a turret looking at screens, barking orders, and working the telephone. He is the type of guy who utterly depends on Bloomberg — who views his Bloomberg the way the rest of us view the InterWeb — it’s his job, it’s his email platform, it’s his news source.

He is obsessed with shark attacks and has set up alerts on his Bloomberg to let him know whenever an attack occurs. I then receive an email from him within seconds letting me know: “Lucky abalone diver in Oz ystdy…”

Grant Willis of the Sydney Aquarium said that after the shark bit Mr. Nerhus, it probably realized “he didn’t taste anything like a seal — sort of a bit bony and horrible and nothing like a seal at all — so possibly it spat back out.”