Flightpath sleeping

There is nothing like a hotel room on the fourth floor of a four story hotel about 1/4 miles from the end of a runway. We’re talking right on the flightpath.

Every inbound jet sounds like impending doom, sailing in about six feet over the roof. Good fun until 12:00 am when things start to settle down and I can get to sleep.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. In the bad old days here in San Diego, if you lived on Grspe St on a hill near th airport, you could look down from your third story apt and see tghe tops of planes landing at Lindbergh.it was tres spookey and quite loud.


  2. Reminds we of when, in the summer, we would find the road in Mashpee where the Otis runway gets real close to the road and sit at the end as the National Guard jets would land in pairs. Quite exciting stuff.

    Then there was the time in Springfield where there was a hill near the end of the runway at Westover and the B52’s would take off to replace the ones that were coming in from their stations during the cold war. After a flight of B52’s got into the air the tankers would struggle through the vortex and get up to the thirsty bombers.

    All conversations were impossible while the Stratofortresses were flying out and in.

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