Digital Download By David M. Ewalt

Digital Download By David M. Ewalt

Making fun of Second Life is so much fun. This is a classic screed; tip of the hat to Valleywag who have taken the flag and run with it.

“Here’s the ultimate problem with Second Life: unless you’re some kind of sexual deviant who gets off by pretending to be a diaper-wearing man-fox, it’s boring as hell. If I want to chat with people, I can do it in IM without having to deal with lag, annoying ambient music, and all manner of freaks of nature. If I want to see cool imaginary worlds, I’ll watch a movie. And if I want to really nerd out and pretend I’m some sort of fantastic creature, I’ll stick with my Night Elf rogue, thank you.”

I’m sticking with my Level 29 Dwarf Hunter.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Biggest waste of time there could be unless you want to earn Linden bucks which are basically useless in the real world. I don’t know who marketers think they’ll find in there. These people don’t have a real life so they won’t be buying things in the real world. Forget about it.

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