Sorry, I don’t support Dell PCs

A year ago I put my cellphone number on the Internet. If Scoble could do it, so could I, and I did, and yes it rings, but not as much as you would think.

Why is my cellphone on the Internet? Because it gives disappointed, frustrated, and otherwise freaked-out customers a neck to choke when they need one to throttle.

Just now the phone rang. I answered. The gentleman caller wanted to know if I could fix spyware. Um. Okay. Back up a second. What’s the problem? I ask.

I can’t connect to the internet. There’s no icon.

What icon? I ask.

There’s no Microsoft icon.

Back up some more. What model PC are you using?

I have no idea. You sold it to me. You should know.

Sir, can you tell me if it is a notebook or a desktop?

All I know is it is a Dell.

A Dell? Do you know you are calling Lenovo?

Leno-who? Do you sell security systems?

Lenovo. We sell ThinkPads and ThinkCentres

Can you fix my problem or not?

Sorry. I can’t help you. Call Dell.

I did. They said to call you.

Are you at the PC right now?


What color is it?


What does it say?

It doesn’t say anything.

What word is on the cover or inside.

Word? It says Dell!

Sorry. I can’t help you. I wish I could. But this number is for people with problems with Lenovo products.

I know this game. Microsoft. Dell. Whoever you are. You all pass the buck!

(At this point I am tempted to help the poor guy and walk him through Dave’s Blind-Leading-the-Blind Service Experience, but I am too busy) I wish him good luck as I hear an argument break out in the background.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Sorry, I don’t support Dell PCs”

  1. David,

    That’s a hoot.

    To be fair though, Richard over at Dell has posted supportive comments on our behalf. Maybe you should’ve patched this customer up and told Richard your now even, or maybe that he owes you one…

  2. Dell having someone call you is a great support and marketing strategy. Oh, how are you at through-hull bait tank pumps and redesigning my two scoop tank into a new shape so I can have a padded bench seat and a back rest where I can see my fishies.
    Oh another of life’s fishing lessons: don’t lave the big ass toothy sheepshead you accidentally dropped into the bait tank remain there for verey long.. they eat all the bait. the bastards!.


  3. I’m not dinging Dell. Nor am I stereotyping their users. This poor guy was angry and looking for help. I gave him the Dell 800 number and wished him all the best. I just don’t support Dell PCs — except for the one’s on my wife’s desk (pre-Lenovo employment purchase).

  4. Dave, get in touch next time and maybe I could help you and the customer out….would have been happy to, as mark notes.

    On another matter, we would be interested in any feedback you may have for us this week on the impending direct2dell post, ideastorm actions and possible interview on another site related to customer service changes

  5. Richard
    I tried to get his information but he was pretty upset and didn’t like ANY of my questions. If he calls back I’ll try to capture.
    I’ll try to tune into the things you mention. Are they live now?

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