Burrito Blog

Burrito Blog

Into the blog roll goes this foodie blog — an excellent stroll through taqueria cuisine.

Being a big fan of the urban food log burrito, this is the mexican equivalent of the excellent pizza blog, Slice

(given the food content of today’s posts, can we guess who came off of a ten day fast?)

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Burrito Blog”

  1. that does it, Dave. You declared some dog meat burrito hash “the best” without ever having tasted my baracuda with lightupyourass homegrown Jim chilis. Shame on you!
    May seals rip off your next five bluefish. Or, you could come down here and if you’re real nice, I’ll make you one of Jim’s special cabronitas (kid goat or llama) burritos or one made from a whole tongue wrappe in a giant tortilla.


  2. One hopes, that whilst you were enjoy that monster burrito while driving, you weren’t using a gear shift while talking on the phone too!!

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