ForbesOnTech: Web-based Eco Indulgences– Does It get any Better?

ForbesOnTech: Web-based Eco Indulgences– Does It get any Better?

Jim Forbes riffs on online carbon credits as the Holy Roman indulgences of our times. His counter proposal — plant a tree for a loved one — sounds a heck of  a lot better to me than offsetting my fossil fuelishness with a PayPal transaction.

“Now, I can offset my ATV-driving, and red-wine making commutes to the California Gold Country by donating money to some web-based entity lacking recognized audit practices who will invest money in projects that generate clean air, green or blue vistas, and make me feel better by adding their URL to my list of Internet often Interbet visited sites, right underneath CalTrout, Ducks Unlimited, the Sierra Club, the NRA and the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. It really doesn’t get any better, David. Tremendous fodder.
    Tuna re right off shore now, finning alonmg the 71-degree thermocline near the surface. Seas steadyt state, waves at 2 feet and 30 seconds from the WSW and the bait barge is loaded with biug-ass sardines.

    tight lines and thanks for the link and pickup.


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