The first “real” weekend of spring (whereabouts this week)

This weekend:

  1. Walked Dead Neck with my wife late Friday afternoon. I found no lures but did see a piping plover and some coyote tracks.
  2. Got some serious quahogging in on Saturday afternoon.
  3. Finished preparing the flower beds – three weeks early this year – planted the fancy dahlias I mail ordered in February, and put in the herb bed for the kitchen.
  4. Watched the Sox sweep Texas.
  5. Avoided my PC until now.
  6. G0t in some good workouts (alas none on the water) in preparation for Speedo Season.
  7. Made this awesome (soon to be posted) documentary with Fisher on how to (or how not to) open a wily clam.

Whereabouts this week:

April 21-22: Cotuit (Olympic Bloggers, budget, TV ads)

April 23-24: RTP (workshops)

April 25-27: Cotuit

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “The first “real” weekend of spring (whereabouts this week)”

  1. Lemon is for losers but Lime is for winners. I could almost hear the clams screaming from out here in San Diego “You shucked and shanked my mommy!”
    Keep clam, David.

    Salmon-chanted evening!


  2. Throw-em in the freezer for ten minutes & they’ll open like ‘buttah’. I host a “traditional” New England seafood orgy for 10 every fall as a fundraiser, for my son’s school. When the 2-bushels of quahogs, littlenecks & cherrystones arrive from Joe’s Lobstah’ in Sandwich, I’ve got just a few hours to kick some quahog ass & get my game on. Your Mom gave me this tip! INWAU, CIBYAD?

  3. Maybe you should get Eliot to produce your next video. A little sex and less bivalve violence would go along way.

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