Second Life — like a bad boomerang it comes back at me

Just when I thought I was done with 2L, Brandweek asks me to do a Q&A with them and one of the questions was:

“As Web-marketing vp for Lenovo, you have been a vocal critic of Second Life, writing on your blog: “There is nothing to do in Second Life except, pardon my bluntness, try to get laid.” Why are you so down on it?””

If I ever make it into Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations I’m going to go down in history because of that stupid dildonics quote. Forbes nailed me with it a year ago, now back it comes.

The reality is this: I haven’t logged into Second Life for months. Definitely not this year. I don’t think about it, I don’t care about it, and I certainly never read about it anymore now that the media has moved on to something more lurid to hype. I see the former CEO of Organic left that agency to become CEO of Linden Labs — he certainly must see signs of life. Businessweek hasn’t put 2L back on its cover. Indeed, not much news at all has come out of the land of Furries and Griefers.

Whatever, I have moved on. Stay tuned for the Brandweek Q&A next week.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Second Life — like a bad boomerang it comes back at me”

  1. The longer it stays off Businessweek the better imho. The hype was detrimental to business in SL. Certainly the expectations were unrealistic. I think there are opportunities there for business to use SL as part of their marketing strategy. It can be a valuable tool, but too many rl businesses treat their builds as an end product. If you build it they will come, doesn’t work in SL (or FL for that matter).

  2. David,

    I was amused to see a number of TV show plots riffing on SL and virtual worlds. CSI NY did an episode, and I believe “Numbers” did as well. It appears to still be relevant in many circles.

    I’m still waiting on some valueable VR breakthrough like the virtualized file access of databases always depicted in movies like “Disclosure”.

  3. HBO just pickup up a documentary film shot entirely in Second Life. I think the article i saw was in Fridays Walls Street Journal.

  4. Who has time for a second life when the first one is so demanding? If I went into a virtual world the one thing I wouldn’t want to see is publicity. Enough marketing in my life as it is.

  5. Good boomerangs come back

    Bad boomerangs do not

    Your usage is whacked

    Probably from senility


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