Note to self …. back FROM school marketing

I wonder if there is any empirical evidence that the end of a school year drives any shopping behavior associated with the return of campus notebooks to the home environment. I have two kids home from college, both carrying Lenovo Thinkpads (A Z60 and an R60) and both need some serious hard disk sanitation work.

Being a cheapskate, lesson learned the hard way: “Max out the harddrive when purchasing a laptop that is going to school.”  The sheer volume of media files, games, and assorted crud is astonishing and will fill all available storage at the worst possible time: namely right before finals when papers need to be written and the mission critical scenario of cramming kicks in.

So, home come these sick and bloated machines and I find myself ready to:

  1. Buy ultrafast, ultra-high volume hard drives.
  2. Buy an external drive with enough capacity to perform the transfer and rebuild of the OS on the new notebook drive.
  3. Potentially replace keyboards if I detect any crud or spillage.
  4. Buy more RAM? Maybe …
  5. Not buy replacement screens like I had to do last summer.
  6. Consider padded sleeves
  7. Even consider NQA replacement plans because I am paranoid and my kids haven’t yet met a notebook they couldn’t accidentally destroy

So, note to self. Push a “Back from School Sale” for accessories and parts.

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