Marketingprofs case study on Lenovo Olympic Blogger Program

Wish you could read it, it’s pretty good but it’s behind the subscription wall.

“Quick Read:
It worked for Sony in ’64 and Samsung in ’88. This year in Beijing, Lenovo joined their ranks, leveraging its Olympic sponsorship to develop global brand awareness.
Unique about Lenovo’s approach was the company’s use of new media, which both fortified its traditional marketing and created a new level of athlete and fan interaction that will no doubt change the way the world engages with future Olympics.
The campaign centered around an athlete blogging program, the first allowed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and included the first Olympic-themed Facebook application. It was also the first to use a Zumobi smartphone application in connection with a major event.
And the results? Well over a million visits to the campaign Web sites, more than 1.8 Million Facebook views, 60,000 smartphone downloads, and perhaps above all else: discernible global recognition.”

My wrap up post to come. Almost done. Waiting for some more content and then I’ll publish.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Couldn’t find your email address on your website, so am resorting to this. I have been told you are “the” expert on rowing and can advise me. I have very limited space in a tiny house on a bay in Maine. I need a rowing machine that preferably slides under my bed, but is still sturdy and functional. Although I was introduced to the Concept 2 machine on a recent trip, it’s just too big for my space. I also need to move it from one house to another in a few months. Thanks much.

    Jackie Weaver

  2. Dave – I made use of the 2 day free trial to read the case study. 5,000 comments – that is a great web 2.0 success metric. Again, congrats. Your program sparked an idea for me with one of my clients, would love to run it by you to get your thoughts some time.

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