I have a seat on Saturday ….

… 9:27 am, Saturday, Charles River, Boston, Mass. Head of the Charles Regatta. Senior Master Eights (men all over the age of 50)

Specifically the three seat of the Bulldog Rowing Club eight (which qualifies as the engine room), will be me, rowing starboard, a spare filling in for a friend with a broken rib. But still, a seat is a seat and the Head is the premier rowing event in the USA, best appreciated from inside a boat.

Here comes 17 minutes of cardiovascular distress.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Funny, my coach always called 3 seat “trouble seat”. Spent my entire novice season hiding there. Good luck!

  2. As part of an eight, I can sleep in soundly on Saturday with the knowledge that you will be unable to steer for the bridge in some sort of crew kamikaze. The other seven shall keep you straight. So to speak.

    We will need pictures!

  3. Good luck! We have a group from Octagon going but I’m unfortunately going to be in Paris, getting crowned as godmother. I’ll tell my friends to make signs and cheer for you. (of course, i will require that they wear Yankees gear).

  4. Is that John Kerry in the last seat?

    Wow those guys look old. Do you carry a defibrillator in the boat? Oxygen?

  5. Okay Fester. Game on. No gray hairs here (maybe a couple nostril hairs are going white, but big deal, I yank ’em). This is an epic crew we’re talking about here. You smoke a butt and think things over.

  6. What game is on? You can’t play until you pay the entrance fee…

    Is two pull-ups too much to ask?

    Two measly little pull-ups.

    And I’m just saying, you’ll be the youngest guy on that AARP boat.

    I’m rooting for you.

  7. Good for you! I should be around around w/ a camera. I’ll look for your boat.

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