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Experimenting with Qumana and playing with the ad insertion engine — very cool system. I write a post in Qumana’s offline editor — a good thing in and of itself — and when I finish, I tag the post with Technorati tags, or I click the advertising button and get asked what the keywords are. Qumana searches its inventory, finds a match, inserts, and ta-da. Money for nothing, the clicks aren’t free.

Qumana Test

I’ve been looking for an off-line blogging tool, primarily because my Lenovo X41 has two browser keys which, if hit accidently, will shoot me off of the WordPress compose screen to the previous page, sometimes undoing an hour’s worth of blogging and sparing my dear readers from a 500 word ode to my favorite ball point pen or whatever drivel I feel like spewing onto glass.
This is a test post. More on Qumana after I decide whether I like it or not.Technorati Tags : ,
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