there are days when I miss the W.E.L.L.

The WELL Photo Gallery

Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link. Where it all began for me online in 88 as dbuck. Home of the Savage User Interface — character based community run in some weird thing called PicoSpan. Deadheads dominated. Some serious characters: Tom Mandel, Howard Rheingold, Hinging, David Gans. The media salon before Salon bought the place.

The Web killed it, but what I learned about community, I learned at the WELL. Best thing ever to come through a PC into my face. The ultimate proto-Blog.

The Art of Creating a Community

Let the Good Times Roll–by Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Creating a Community

Some good insights from the master evangelist. I’ll follow with my insights on community management and getting the inmates to run the asylum.

Guy is doing great work with his blog. His post following this one is about how he blogs. Sounds a lot like the way I work — after 10 pm, TV on mute.