Wireless WAN – should I buy this?

Sprint Business – (PC-5740)

I need always-on WAN connectivity and Sprint is giving away the cards if I take the plan.

I dunno – Verizon or Sprint?

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  1. It looks like Sprint has greater coverage. I have tried both Sprint and Verizon and preferred Sprint because it has bettr signal saturation.
    There’s an aold saw about Sprint: “if you can see railroad tracks and most of the upscale homes have flush plumbing but don’t have doorbells that play the music from Deliverance, you can get a connection.”
    I’ve found it to be true.
    Also, Sprint seems to deliver better throughput. And, unless the throughput is 3X dialup there’s really little point in the technology.


  2. Read the fine print on their service agreement, which restricts usage of their EVDO WWAN service in a variety of ways. I wrote about this at http://nwm.mobilepipeline.com/howto/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=174402766&pgno=2. Verizon and Cingular specifically say that you can only use their 3G service for email, Web surfing, and intranet programs. Sprint’s is vaguer but still restrictive. You’re also committing to at two-year plan. And Sprint writes (if you click through to buy),

    “As a student or employee of select corporations, government branches, associations, consortiums or colleges/universities, check online or by phone to see if you qualify for discount pricing.” So it’s not applicable to everyone.

    Finally, there’s nowhere easy to find the cancellation penalty.

  3. Thanks Glenn. Once I see the word “free” I start searching for the fine print.
    I need to get Lenovo to upgrade my butt to an X60 with the built in EVDO so I don’t need to worry about cards, etc.

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