Favorite Things — Flashlights that work

E1E Executive Elite® flashlight – E1E-HA available from SureFire

Cousin Pete handed me one of these a couple weeks ago after I admired his while surfcasting for striped bass one night in early October. He had his clipped to the brim of his baseball hat and I had to express my lust for one.

The engineering on this is superb. It is very heavy, uses a 3v Lithium battery (camera size), and the best part is the “pocket” clip — or hat clip. Snap this onto the brim of a hat, hit the on-off button, and where you look there is light. This came in handy last weekend during the ski-house work weekend. A couple years ago my buddy Charlie and I were on the roof as the sun set, trying to screw down some metal panels by the light of my Treo 650. That was not fun. This year, Charlie and I were able to inspect our paint job by the light of the Surefire.

“Ultra compact (finger length) incandescent flashlight for everyday carry and general use. Puts out a smooth, brilliant beam as bright as a big two D-cell flashlight. Light enough to clip to hat brim for hands-free operation. Small size, light weight, and long runtime also make it perfect for travel.”

I am a total sucker for mini gadgets. This one rules.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Saw one of these at Fry’s and wondered if the litle clippy thing would keep the light attached to my hat or whether this gadget would become a halibut beacon until it’s battery died?

    I once dropped a water proo strobe in Lake Mendocino while fishing for catfish at night. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s switchboard in nearby Ukiah lit up with reports of a UFO landing in the lake. I peed my pants looking down at the strobe flashing 20 feet under water all night. the wardens didn’t think it was the least bit funny, when I dove down the next morning to retrieve it. It’s now a part of the boat’s emrgency gear. Still works great.

    you rule, dude.

    Oh, after this morning’s post Im not expecting any Christmas cards from Microsoft.


  2. The clip on this thing is pretty massive — think mouse trap. My problem is finding a hat big enough, and tight enough for my melon head so the weight of the light won’t tip it off and turn it into a fish beacon.

    You could make a career out of UFO spoofing.

    Off to read your MSFT post now.

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