Proud father

My daughter was just accepted, early decision, to the University of Virginia, her first choice. Aside from being glad she can breathe a deep sigh of relief and relax a little bit (she’s been grinding hard on her studies and is a high honors student), I am just as pleased as can be.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. Way to go “B!”
    UV is a wonderful school with top tier profs, great location, and classes that reflect career needs. It provides an excellent student experience in and out of the class room. B will enjoy it, and you will rejoice when you cut the final tuition check. Best of all, the UVa gets its students out in four years.
    Tell her the avocados and makings for guac in a box will come to her dorm after she gets settled down there.
    Way to go Churbuckians.
    Jim Forbes and Rudolpho Gaspari.

  2. Can’t argue with her choosing a school ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the best bargains in the country for higher education. I think she’s going to love it.

  3. ah, Charlottesville…the place of my birth

    It is indeed a fine institution….I am the only member of the Hazen clan not to have gone there. Just born there, close enough.

    Make sure to hang at the Corner. And take trips outside of town, where it is the prettiest place on earth.

    Congrats! i am jealous.

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