Writer’s block

My drafts folder has over a dozen posts started, reconsidered, and then parked for various reasons.

Either it is an indication that there is too much going on in my life, or I can’t find the courage to press the publish button. So randomly —

  • I’ve been asked to lead a Wellness Initiative. Readers of this blog will find this quite risible given my annus horribilis due to bike accident, back injury, and the tick over the past year. It is motivating though, and I no longer take the elevator but run up and down the stairs in our new office building feeling quite virtuous.
  • Speaking of new building. Anyone who has remodeled their home or built a new one, knows that there is a punchlist which has to be worked with the contractor to work out the inevitable bugs. Aside from that, there was one design decision which has lead to a very interesting maneuver I will call the “Lenovo Crouch and Peek”. Every conference room has a tall vertical slice of glass that has the middle third frosted for privacy. The problem is that when you want to enter a conference room for a scheduled meeting you don’t want to barge in on any prior meeting, so you have to crouch to look for evidence of feet. Then you have to ask yourself if those feet belong to the people in your meeting or are feet belonging to the previous meeting which is running late.  Inside, you see shoes outside of the glass (note to self, get shoeshine) and wonder if you are forcing the next meeting to wait …. Anyway, I have seen at least six people in two days do the “Lenovo Crouch.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Yeah, maybe we can get you fitted for some Richard Simmons style shorts and set you up with a morning vid cast. “Okay you geeks, grab your weighted keyboards and let’s do some curls…” But alas, unfortunately I have come to the realization that I indeed need to start taking some time for excercise and self-improvement (look out world).

    On the conference room thing, perhaps a discretely placed mirror at the bottom corner of the mullion near the door that would allow one to see if it was in use would work. perhaps a small fisheye type as one would find at the Auto Parts store.

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