Bloggers, don’t truncate your posts

I know a lot of bloggers like to post excerpts to their posts so people will click through to their blog and see their beautiful design and peruse their sidebar widgets — but if you are blogging on a service like — and that reader is inside of China, they aren’t going to be able to see your genius in its full glory, only through an aggregator.

So go full text (Derek Slater, I can’t read your post linking to me) and be assured that there is a way to get past the Great FireWall via an aggregator. (Wikipedia is another matter altogether). An excerpted post is just a tease.

[update: red-faced I just changed my syndication options from “summary” to “full text.”]

Arcade Fire

Thanks to my son Eliot and an interesting story in a recent New Yorker, I bought the two albums on iTunes by this Montreal group, forgot about it, then on the flight to Beijing plugged the noise-cancellers into the laptop and fired up Funeral and Neon Bible.
This is not a Canadian joke. Who could have thought an accordion and violins could rock? Arcade Fire evokes the Talking Heads at their peak, a little Bowie, a little T. Rex, a little Jane’s Addiction. In short, several of my favorites from the 70s. But weirder, smarter somehow, awesome stuff, I highly recommend them. Good YouTube sample here.

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