Arcade Fire

Thanks to my son Eliot and an interesting story in a recent New Yorker, I bought the two albums on iTunes by this Montreal group, forgot about it, then on the flight to Beijing plugged the noise-cancellers into the laptop and fired up Funeral and Neon Bible.
This is not a Canadian joke. Who could have thought an accordion and violins could rock? Arcade Fire evokes the Talking Heads at their peak, a little Bowie, a little T. Rex, a little Jane’s Addiction. In short, several of my favorites from the 70s. But weirder, smarter somehow, awesome stuff, I highly recommend them. Good YouTube sample here.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Not only do they rock, their label (Merge Records) is right in your backyard in Durham, NC.

  2. Dave, Check out the ‘Asylum Street Spankers’, Youtube video; ‘Stick another Ribbon on yoyr SUV’. They’re an Austin Tejas band, I saw last week in Seattle. Smart, provocative music, w/ a little cheek. Cheers JRN

  3. Asylum Street Spankers live recordings are available on in the Live Music Archive – great stuff for a party, but decidedly John Valby-like.

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