More King Canute – Nantucket dredging targets bass fishing grounds

Ah, Nantucket. Home of the more-bucks-than-brains contingent. These rocket scientists, beach dwellers, are flipped out that the Atlantic is about to eat their mansions. So what is the plan? Dredge up an off-shore sandbar — known as a rip — and dump it on the beach. Brilliant. $23 million about to get blown out to sea by the next big storm.

“NANTUCKET — Island fishermen are worried that a plan to dredge 2.6 million cubic yards of sand from west of Bass Rip Shoal will harm the fertile fishing ground.”The $23 million erosion-control project calls for dumping enough sand to widen the beach and reshape the collapsed bluff along a 3-mile stretch of Nantucket from Sesachacha Pond to Codfish Park.

“The heaviest erosion has occurred along the base of Baxter Road, summer home to some of America’s wealthiest families. Many of the property owners have already spent millions of dollars in an attempt to stem the tide.

“But island fishermen fear the dredging project — the largest public works project in island history paid for by private citizens — could destroy the area known as a rich bass fishing spot and hurt local commerce.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Don’t these idiots know their dredging will permanently erase an important spawning grounds for the endangered CapeCod saltwater snail darter and the northeast Atlantic pellagic spotted owl, which nests in plain view of this bar?
    A fed ex first delivery shipment could be arranged, Hee hee


  2. That is a brilliant idea… we have the same problem in some places in France, I think that the solution was better to put some flowers to fix the sand with their roots and forbid people to walk in certain areas. Not moving tons of sand…
    I remember visiting the museum of Nantucket when I was a kid, and eventhough I was 6 or 7, I still remember the whale skeleton.. really impressive. What a paradise it seemed to me !
    25$ for that place mmm, that’s a good deal !

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