Direct to DVD is now Direct to Web

Fester is the media economist and will have smarter things to say about this news, but the decision to launch Jackass 2.5 direct to web, with an ad version as well as an iTunes download play — I think is very cool and a major wrench in the works for the distributors who just had their legs cut out from beneath them.

Gotta love the money quote:

““There’s more vomiting, nudity and defecation,” one executive said, speaking more candidly than the companies involved had agreed to and on condition of anonymity. “The stuff that consumers really want.””

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “Direct to DVD is now Direct to Web”


    “The whole world changes if distribution gets broken, if consumers can bypass the networks and buy direct. If that sounds familiar, ask the record labels how it feels to lose distribution control to iTunes. With TV, the show owners still get paid but the value of all those owned and operated affiliates drops. And writers can see the writing on the digital wall. They want their cut. Uh oh.”


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