A new toy to keep my mind expanding

Thanks to Google for the neat gadget gift, a Flip Video camera — a $150 palm-sized device with a switchblade-USB jack that ports right into the old ThinkPad and wizards up a little video clip to YouTube in about 30 seconds flat. Dang. This baby gets a place of honor in the Churbuck backpack, gonna make me the next LonelyGirl.

Example of my cinematography (360 panorama of the NC office) is here. Thanks Google.

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

0 thoughts on “A new toy to keep my mind expanding”

  1. How is it? I have another device, but the quality on it sucks and the worst part is the audio. Can you put a video of your Christmas tree?

  2. Wait till you see some beta software I’m gonna get directed you way. it give great purpose to Web cams and offers one-click simplicity. It’s bound to be a hit at the family manse, “Morningwood.”


  3. Wow — that’s impressive. 56 hits on youtube for a video of an office at night, with no voiceover, no histrionics, no begging to lay off of Brittney … you’re a star! Can’t wait for the next Churbuck production.

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